Casares and Sierra Crestellina

The Sierra Crestellina is the limestone massif that supports the typical and dazzling white village of Casares at the top; on the natural wall of one of its rocks.


The small size of this limestone mountain range converts this unique landscape into the environment chosen by a large number of birds (eagles, hawks, vultures, etc.) to nest in the rocky walls of its rocks and the cavities of the karstic formations of its small torcal.


Strategically located on a lookout to the sea; it still connects on its way to the nearby coast by the old paths, of the water mills, with the Arab baths with sulphurous medicinal waters.


 Bajo – Medio Medio Alto
2 horas 3 horas 4 horas
4 km 8 km 12 km


Starting point: Casares or nature spot subject to demand according to availability of the routes.