Mid Mountain / South Face

The most southern and open zone to the sea that so is influenced by the rivers and streams that form the valleys of  fruits and vegetables of Estepona.


With a vegetation more properly mediterranean that gives it a marked ethnographic value that still is visible in extensive forests of pines and cork oaks that remind of its important resins and cork extraction exploitations.


This  exchange area between the coast and its products of the sea, and the Serranía de Ronda and the Genal valley; still retains much of the network of roads, ravines, streams and trails that former farmers, charcoal makers, ranchers, miners and muleteers toured daily giving life to the entire mountains range.


 Bajo – Medio Medio Alto
2 horas 3 horas 4 horas
4 km 8 km 12 km


Starting point: Casa del Guarda, Nicola.